How to retrieve original print files in EngageOne Vault

Product Feature: General
This is achievable using e2util, which is provided as part of the standard Vault installation.

This is detailed in the Vault Customizing Guide, and achieved using the -d switch:

-d: manually decompresses a file.

E:\Demo\Exjourn\server>e2util.exe -d
09:18:35 e2 Vault Utility 5.4M2p0076
09:18:35 (C) Copyright 2009 Pitney Bowes Software Inc.
09:18:35 e2 Vault Utility licenced to [ABC Company]
09:18:35 decompressing
09:18:39 [download\110102-085022-TelcoStatement.xml.afp]

You should note that any AFP retrieved will not contain any resources as these are always stripped out of the AFP on ingestion.
UPDATED:  November 13, 2017