Reindexing in EngageOne Vault

Reindexing instructions for Unix:

Step1: Make sure all the EngageOne® Vault services are stopped
Step2: Rename the existing index directory on the Vault server, i.e. old.index
Step3: Create a new empty index directory on the Vault server with the same permissions as the old index directory (i.e., all read write permissions)
Step4: At the terminal prompt, navigate to the Vault docdata directory
Installation Directory:\PBBI CCM\Vault\server\docdata
Step5: Create an index flag file for each drd file using the following command:
For storage model 1
for i in *.drd; do echo "reindex" >> ../process/`/bin/basename $i .drd`.index; done
(Ensure that the process directory is located in the Server/ path, else need to path it out correctly in the command)
For storage model 4
for i in $(find /storageDirName -name '*.drd'); do echo "reindex" >> ../process/`/bin/basename $i .drd`.index; done
“storageDirName” should be the root of the storage directory – usually called storage or data. The command should then recursively traverse the folders under that folder to find each *.drd file in the storage model structure and create an index file based on the found file’s name.
Step6: Verify that the .index files are present in the process directory.
Step7: Restart the Vault services.
UPDATED:  January 21, 2020