How to decrease the size of the CMCPJB IN the G1CMPGMS library using Consumer Merge/Purge Plus

Product Affected: Consumer Merge/Purge Plus 6.6.0
Operating System:  IBMi only

Backup the CMCPJB file in the G1CMPGMS library before doing this.
For each job, go into the submit job screen and make a copy of the job. The copy will only have the latest job management records. Delete the original job, then copy the copy back so you will have the original name.

When this is done, you should use option F17 from the Work With Jobs screen to “reclaim space” in the CMCPJB file, which removes the space used by deleted records.
Caveats:  Verify input/output file names and file lengths in each job afterwards since copy can change them. If you are specifying those on CMRUNJOB, then you should be ok.

You can use the F17 first to see how small the CMCPJB shrinks.  And if it doesn’t lose very much size, then proceed with the suggestion above.
UPDATED:  August 28, 2017