Determining why the County name is not returned in CODE-1 Plus and/or Finalist for certain addresses

Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus, Finalist
For certain addresses, Finalist and CODE-1 Plus will not return a County name.  For instance:

272 Wadlow  St.
Emporia, VA

According to the USPS, the County name will not be returned in certain cases.  Here is the explanation:

The AIS ZIP+4 Product will reflect the County information for that particular address range record; if the county information for that record is not the (Default) County but an (override) County, it may or may not reflect the County information in the AIS City State Product. 
The AIS City State Product only shows default County information.  ZIP Code 23847 reflects the default County of (VA081 - GREENSVILLE), but there is an Override County of (VA595 - EMPORIA CITY) which is not a default County.  Therefore, if the County of EMPORIA CITY does not appear in the AIS City State Product, then the customer should go to the website, click the “Site Index A-Z” tab, under the “99%-C” column click on “County Project”, under “Important Links” click on “AMS County Name Table”, and this table will reflect all the Counties (Default) and (Override).  The USPS does not have any raw data product that reflects (Default) and (Override) County information, only this website.  
NOTE:  A County override that is not a default county for any ZIP Code, will not appear in the AIS City State Product.  For a County override where that County is a default County for a different ZIP Code, that County will appear in the AIS City State Product under that other ZIP Code.
UPDATED:  September 19, 2019