.NET APIs available for Vault

Which .NET APIs are available under which versions of Vault?

1. from 5.3, there is a .NET API, naming e2netRender, you can use RenderClient main class to retrieve data from server.
2. and later version from 5.3, the .NET API is improved and maintained until now ( 7.0).
3. the COM API is from 5.1, it is not support from 5.4 and later versions.
4. 7.0 is now available.
5..NET API is available for all of the versions ( from 5.3).
For the 5.0 and earlier versions, you can get them from <vault-ftp-site>;
For 6.0 and later versions, you can get the package/lib/demo from every release.
UPDATED:  September 18, 2017