How to update the version of DOC1GEN in EngageOne Admin System Information

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How to update the version of DOC1GEN in EO Admin|System Information.

If the version of DOC1GEN has changed and you want to update it in EO Admin|System Information, you can do so in the EngageOne.ear file. This file is compressed and therefore to be able to uncompressed and edit it, you have to use 7-zip (
Steps below:
1. Stop JBoss.
2. Go to C:\Program Files\PBBI CCM\EngageOne\server\jboss folder and locate the ‘EngageOne.ear’ file.
3. Using 7-zip, extract the file.
4. In the extract, locate for the file ‘eadmin.war’.
5. Open this file using 7-zip.
6. Locate for the XML file: ‘EngageOneVersion.xml’.
7. Open the XML file and edit the version of 'DOC1GenVersion' and save. This should save the XML file in the extract itself.
8. Copy the updated 'eadmin.war' file into the original 'EngageOne.ear' file.
9. Copy and replace the 'EngageOne.ear' file in C:\Program Files\PBBI CCM\EngageOne\server\jboss folder.
10. Copy and replace the 'EngageOne.ear' file in C:\<JBoss install directory>\server\default\deploy folder.
11. Restart JBoss.
UPDATED:  November 6, 2017