How to use spell check when integrating custom application with EngageOne

Product Feature: EngageOne Administration


How to get the dictionary file downloaded for the use of spell check:
Customer needs to defined the SpellerXMLURI parameter in Javascript, the dictionary folder (speller folder which includes all the dictionary files) will be downloaded to %Temp%\IPE Cache\ to be accessed when the spell check is used. (The editor will download the dictionary files to the Cache folder.)

If not going define the Speller XML URI paramter, then the SpellerURL node in the Property XML file needed to be set up, have the speller folder to be available at the location specified in property XML file.

But if Speller XML URI parameter is set up, one will be able to access the dictionary file when using spell check. Go to the following %Temp%\IPE Cache\ path and will see a speller folder which contains the dictionary downloaded when click on spell check in the EngageOne Correspondent. And under %Temp%\IPE Cache\ sessions, will see an event.log file which list what is been downloaded.

When the Active X is loaded correctly, and when use EO Admin and EO correspondent to do adding words or spell check, the following dictionary files will be downloaded to temp\IPE CACHE\speller folder. The .idx and history files have to do with when you add words to the dictionary - the "additional words" in EO Admin.




If not adding words in the dictionary in EO Admin, and just access spell check in EO Correspondent, will just have the following file downloaded to the speller folder under temp\IPE CACHE.


Customer decided to manually export the dictionary file from EO Admin as the prefer approach: customer was hoping for a way to call an EO web service to retrieve these files from the application. However this manual “Export” from EO Admin is actually a better solution, considering how infrequently dictionary files change once in production.
UPDATED:  September 1, 2017