Can you force the Segment ID (SEG - 1002) to a custom value using MailStream Plus

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™
Operating System: All Platforms


For example, in the REPORT MAILDAT parameter, if you place a B in position 40 to segment the Mail.dat file by Batch Codes (B CODE), and then use position 41 and 42 to indicate the start and the length of the portion of the Batch Code field  to use in the segmenting, MailStream Plus™ (MSP) will place sequential values in SEG-1002, starting with 0001 and continuing up to the number of batch-segments your job has. 
The actual batch code will be in position 13 - 72 (Segment Description, SEG-1101) with the word Batch starting in pos 13, like this for example:
Batch: 123456789
So, the answer is no, there is not a way to place a custom value in the SEG-1002. 

FYI- In position 40 of the REPORT MAILDAT we have this note in the MSP Guide -
If segmenting by batch and there are multiple entry points, we suggest that you do the following to avoid multiple batch segment breaks by entry points:
• Use SRTFLn parameters to put the batch sort field (002) before the entry point sort field (001).
• Do not use REPORT MAILDAT position 45 to sequence the sort by entry point.

UPDATED:  May 22, 2019