How to manually install EngageOne Vault from 'installset'

On some versions of Windows (like Windows 2008, Windows Server 2012 R2) the Vault installer will not run.  In these instances, Vault can be installed with 'installset' files.

Vault 7 will run on Windows 2012 R2, but it must be manually installed from the 'installset' distribution as follows:
Process for manually installing and copying existing data:
- extract the install set zip file to a convenient location
- create a directory for the vault installation and change to that directory
- xcopy <installset>\win32\*.* /s /e
- xcopy <installset>\common\*.* /s /e
- switch to the server directory
- copy in the licence file and .ini files
- if necessary, adjust paths and/or ip addresses if they different on the new machine
- copy pagedata,docdata,storage,index trees
- copy over just the resource set subdirectories in distrib
- but not the client executables/.dlls
- and not the lib subdirectory
- in the server directory, register the services
(must be in the directory with the .exe)
e2serverd -i
e2loaderd -i
indexerd -i (if used)
- in the render directory, register the service
e2renderd -i
- in the router directory, register the service
e2routerd -i (if used)
UPDATED:  September 18, 2017