How to make a selection on a string field with a large number of values in Portrait Miner

Product Feature: Binning Editor
Products affected:  Portrait Miner
By default, when a field is interpreted as categorical in Portrait Miner, by default it creates categories for the most populous 250 unique values.  The other values are grouped together in a single 'Unclassified' bin.  This binning makes it virtually impossible to select individual categories in any of the graphical viewers in Decision Studio.

An alternative method is to 'code' the selection by creating a new flag field.  This is done by deriving a new field in the Table Viewer, using the 'strmember()' function.

For example, to derive a flag field for the PostalCode field, giving 1s for the values "EH3 7JF", "RG9 6AB", "SL4 1E" and "MA 02110", use the FDL:

      strmember(PostalCode, "EH3 7JF", "RG9 6AB", "SL4 1E", "MA 02110")

this will give a field with values 1 where there is a match, and 0 where there is no match.

A selection can then be made on the 1's in the new derived field, or by tool following.

UPDATED:  April 22, 2017