How to generate Java Class from an exposed Spectrum WSDL

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There are a couple of ways to make java classes based on Spectrum WSDL namespaces.  Review below.


  1. Download Axis 2 binary from Apache -
  2. Set up an environment variable for Axis 2
    1. Make sure Variable name references AXIS2_HOME
    2. Make sure Variable value points to the path where the Axis 2 bin directory resides
axis2 example
  1. Open up CMD prompt and navigate to the Axis 2 bin directory
  2. Once within the bin directory in CMD window, run:
    wsdl2java uri http://<server>:<port>/soap/<service_name>?wsdl
  3. In windows explorer, navigate to bin/src/com/g1/www to see your .java stub files


  1. Confirm that your machine has Java installed by running java version in cmd prompt
  2. Navigate to working directory in CMD prompt where you want java files to be written to
  3. Run:
    wsimport verbose keep http://<server>:<port>/soap/<service_name>?wsdl
  4. Navigate to working directory in Windows Explorer to see .java and .class files generated from WSDL namespaces
UPDATED:  October 20, 2017