How to plug in new Active X for use with EngageOne Correspondent

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade
When Active X is prompted to be downloaded when using EO Interactive, the dictionary folder (speller folder which includes all the dictionary files) will be downloaded to %Temp%\IPE Cache\ to be accessed when the spell check is used. (The editor will download the dictionary files to the Cache folder.)  You can go to your %Temp%\IPE Cache\ path and you will see a speller folder which contains the dictionary downloaded when you click on spell check in your EO Correspondent. And under %Temp%\IPE Cache\ sessions, you can see an event.log file which list what is been downloaded.

ActiveX repackaging
If you need to plug in a new version of Interactive Editor ActiveX control to the EngageOne Correspondent, follow the steps below.
To plug in a new version of ActiveX to EngageOne Correspondent:
  1. Back up the EngageOneCorrespondent.war file.
You can find the EngageOneCorrespondent.war file in the following path: (this is on my machine, but you should be able to find it under JBoss and the sub path….
  1. Copy and eoeditor.ver to the EngageOneCorrespondent.war/ax-editor directory in the deployable archive.
 Use Winzip to open EngageOneCorrespondent.war file and unzip the file to a folder you can access, you will see ax-editor folder.  Then copy the new and eoeditor.ver to the ax-editor folder.
  1. Change the configuration setting activex.version to the appropriate editor version located in /active-drive/config.
In the config-settings.xml file, look for activex.version and put in the correct value of the version of the Active X you what:
  1. Edit EngageOneVersion.xml in the EngageOne.ear\eadmin.war directory to indicate the correct ActiveXVersion.
Use Winzip to open EngageOne.ear file and unzip the file to a folder you can access, also use Winzip to open eadmin.war file and unzip the file to a folder you can access.  Then you will see the file named EngageOneVersion.xml file.  You can edit that file to indicate the correct Active X version.
To make sure that Java home is in your path and that you can access the jar command from the command prompt.
The jar commands would be as follows:
1. Locate EngageOneCorrespondent.war. For JBoss, it is located in the JBOSS server directory.  For WebSphere, you will find a copy in <InstallationDirectory>/server/websphere directory.
2. Copy EngageOneCorrespondent.war to a temporary location. Extract ax-editor content by running the following command line using the command prompt from the temporary location: jar -xvf EngageOneCorrespondent.war ax-editor/ ax-editor/eoeditor.ver.
3. Overwrite and copy your new Interactive Editor and eoeditor.ver in the extracted ax-editor directory.
4. Update EngageOneCorrespondent.war with the new ActiveX changes by running the
following from the temporary directory: jar -uvf EngageOneCorrespondent.war ax-editor/ ax-editor/eoeditor.ver.
5. Create a backup of the original EngageOneCorrespondent.war. Redeploy EngageOneCorrespondent using the newly updated EngageOneCorrespondent.war. In JBoss, copy the new war file to the designated server directory. In WebSphere, follow the manual deployment steps as specified in the Installation Guide.
UPDATED:  June 20, 2019