Error: 13910 EngageOne Vault

License limit

00:00:03 begin licence check 
00:04:46 page limit [20500000] 
00:04:46 ERROR 13909: month [2014/02] pages [24653139] exceeds limit 
00:04:46 total pages [731859050] 
00:04:46 total files [11754] 
00:04:46 peak [2014/02] pages [24653139] 
00:04:46 ERROR 13910: licenced limit exceeded 
00:04:46 load operations disabled 
00:04:46 end licence check 

The EngageOne Vault license enforces a maximum pages limit per month.  If more than that limit is exceeded, you will get this error and further load operations will be disabled.

1) Remove some runs to get below the limit
2) Purchase more pages and install an updated license file.  Support may need to co-ordinate between Sales and the customer to facilitate this, as well as provide a temporary license key that allows more (or unlimited) pages until the customer's own key can be updated by Sales.
UPDATED:  December 12, 2019