How to determine Vault version number in EngageOne Vault

5.4 and higher.  Not available on Vault 5.3 and lower.
Usually the version stamp is in the log files.

However, if you can't readily find this information in the logs you can always determine it by:

1) open command prompt on Vault server
2) navigate to the Vault/server/ directory

3) execute the following command:
                  e2serverd -h

4) this will return full version information, i.e.,

D:\server>e2serverd -h
07:37:32 Vault Server 6.1M0p0123
07:37:32 (C) Copyright 1993-2012 Pitney Bowes Software Inc.
e2serverd -h        help
e2serverd -i        install service
e2serverd -u        uninstall service
e2serverd           run as a service
e2serverd -f        run foreground
UPDATED:  August 23, 2017