How to use Portrait Miner at the command-line

Product Feature: Data build commands
To use Portrait Miner's suite of command-line tools (data-build commands),  used for performing common analysis operations, you must have command-line shell access to Portrait Miner.

To make the Portrait Miner command-line tools available to users of Portrait Miner, do one of the following (where in each case <pmhome> and <version> are the installation directory pathname and the Portrait Miner version, for example qs7.0A, respectively).

On a Windows server, or when using Portrait Miner Desktop:
  • run the batch file <pmhome>\config\setpath-<version>.bat to set the path temporarily before using Portrait Miner commands in a command prompt window.
  • modify the PATH environment variable via the Control Panel - System - Advanced system settings to contain the full path to the Portrait Miner 'bin' folder,
  • e.g  <pmhome>\server\<version>\win32\bin or <pmhome>\server\<version>\win64\bin depending on your operating system.
  • for a one-off command, change to the 'bin' folder and specify ".\" before the command name e.g C:\PortraitMiner\server\qs7.0A\win64\bin> .\pssmappingpublish ...

If the Portrait Miner 'bin' folder is not on the PATH you will get an error about the executable not being found, even if you are in the 'bin' folder when you try to run the command.

For example if you run the executable from the command line:

C:\PortraitMiner\server\qs7.0A\win64\bin>pssmappingpublish -domain IPD -input C:\DemonstrationData\Portrait_6\IPD\CreditCard_Prop_Mapping.xml

You will get the error:

“Cannot identify executable pathname from pssmappingpublish”
UPDATED:  March 27, 2017