Vault license limit explained

I'm getting an error saying that I'm over the licensed limit for pages in Vault.  Please explain this!

Each Vault license XML file has a section that defines the amount of pages per month allowed.  For example:
  <PageCount>210000</PageCount>                      <--- Allows 210,000 pages per month

  <PageCount>0</PageCount>                             <--- Allows unlimited pages per month

The limit value is calculated from the 1st of the month, to the last day.  The page numbers come from adding up the values located in the journal files for a given month.
 An easy way to check what month you've exceeded your limit is to run the Audit process and review the output spreadsheets.  Here are the steps to do this:
1.  Create a new text file, open the file and enter a couple of carriage returns to add space to the file.  Rename the file to audit.adm
2.  Copy the audit.adm file in to the Server\Process\ directory
3.  Two files will be created in the \Server\info\ directory.  Review them to determine what months you've gone over. 
If you're over the limit by less than 10% it only logs an error message.
If you're over the limit by 10% or more, it also suspends further load operations.
("load operations disabled" is logged when this happens, well the older builds might have slightly different wording)

We go through all .drp files reading the page count from the header and getting the modification time from the file system.
We use the time to assign the job to a particular month and then add the file's page count to the total for that month.
We then go through all the months and check each of them against the limit to see if there is a violation.
If any month is over the limit we log an error. If any month is more than 10% over the limit we suspend load operations.

Sometimes the files are assigned to the wrong month, due to the file system date being wrong (can happen if the files were copied from another volume)

to fix the dates on all files in pagedata with fileinfo:
in e2 Vault server directory:
for %i in (pagedata\*.drp) do tools\fileinfo %i -d

to fix the date on just one file using fileinfo:

D:\Vault\server\tools>fileinfo 20140311085400-statement-afp-48bf0823b2b9bd4f8f24fdc061aef280.drp -d
File Information Utility 6.0M1p0071
** updated enforcement date to [2014/3/11]
filename: 20140311085400-statement-afp-48bf0823b2b9bd4f8f24fdc061aef280.drp
profile: twc
resource set: 36150DFBC03334A
block size: 1048576
codec: 3
deltabitsize: 17
original size: 636847
compressed size: 2739
compression ratio: 232.51:1
total number of pages: 3
average bytes per page: 913
UPDATED:  September 18, 2017