Performance issues in MapInfo Pro

Products affected: MapInfo Pro
Product Affected: Performance
1. System Specification:
Ensure that MapInfo Pro has been installed on at least the minimum hardware requirements.
Obtain the version number then check this against the installation guide

Even if MapInfo Pro is installed on a configuration with the minimum system requirements, it may not be enough to handle the process they are running.
Larger file sizes, require more memory and processing power.
To pan large scaled raster images, greater resources may be required.

2. Resource Location:
Good to check if the table and workspace files are located on the local machine or across the network.
Many times performance issues are caused by accessing large files that are located on their network.
As a test, move these resources locally and retest.
If the performance issue has been resolved, IT Department need to be contacted to address the networking issues.

To move any table, just copy and paste or drag and drop in Windows Explorer to a directory on local machine.
MapInfo Pro tables has associated files such as  *.TAB, *.MAP, *.ID, *.DAT and when they are indexed *.IND file, ensure to copy all of these files for each table. 
Home>Save copy as or file>save copy could also be used to save to a local folder.

If tables are referenced in a workspace, use to Workspace Packager tool within MapInfo Pro which will create a copy of the workspace and a copy of the tables it references which can then just copy across to the local machine.
However, if experiencing poor performance then this process may take some time.
Refer to the Knowledge base article on Packing a workspace in MapInfo Pro.

If any seamless raster tables are present, copy the seamless table, the tables that make up each table and the raster image referenced by each table.
To achieve this follow the steps below:
  1. Copy the seamless table, tables that make up the seamless table and raster images across to the local machine
  2. Open the seamless table in MapInfo Pro. When opening, an error saying that it cannot find the other tables, so MapInfo Pro will open it as a normal table - this is to be expected
  3. Browse the table
  4. For each record in the seamless table ensure the "Table" column has the correct file path for each table, remember that if the seamless table exists in the same directory as the other tables there is no need for a file path
  5. Once completed save the table
  6. Load the Seamless Table Manager (Tools > Tool Manager > put a tick in the Load/Autoload column for the Seamless Table Manager Tool) then click OK
  7. Once loaded go to Tools > Seamless Table Manager > Turn Seamless On
  8. If all the files paths are correct the browser window will disappear and then be able to view the map in MapInfo Pro.

Scenario such as working directory set to a mapped networked drive can also cause performance issues so set this (via Options > Preferences > Directories) to a local drive.
Again, if this improves the performance the resources will be required to be copied locally or IT Department need to be contacted to address the networking issues.

3. Polygon Mode
In later versions of MapInfo Pro, the Polygon Mode option is included which changes the way we render objects in a single request.
Enabling this option may improve performance when the resources are located both across your network and locally.
To enable this:
  1. In 32-bit versions, navigate to Options > Preferences > Output Settings > Display tab. 
  2. In 64-bit version, navigate to Pro > Options > Output Settings.
  3. Check the Polygon Mode box.
  4. Click OK
4. Printer
When opening a workspace or panning/zooming a Layout, if the printer is located on the network then this can affect performance.
To improve a workspace opening try removing the printer section by commenting out the section shown here by putting a single quote mark
( ' ) in front of each line, then save and retest.
'Set Window FrontWindow() Printer
'Name "MapInfo PDF Printer Version 10.0" Orientation Portrait Copies 1
'Papersize 9

If the performance related issues are related to panning/zooming the Layout but not the Map window, then try using another printer in the File > Page Setup dialog.
If this improves performance then the issue is with the network again.
Printer can be reinstalled using a different method but this should be raised with the customer IT Department to resolve.

UPDATED:  December 4, 2019