Restore a Vault index from backup

My Vault database is corrupted.   I have a known good backup from March 10th.  Is it possible to put this index back into production?  If so, how can I reindex just the files that were loaded since the backup?

Here are some high level instructions describing the process for restoring the indexes and manually indexing the files that were loaded since the backup.
These instructions assume a few things:
a)  That only the SUBSCRIBER database was affected
b)  That you have a good backup from March 10th
c)  That no files earlier than March 10th were affected
d)  That you can determine which files were loaded to the SUBSCRIBER database by looking at the filenames in the Vault/server/docdata directory.
Let me know if you have questions about this process or what to look for in the logs.
How to restore a Vault index from backup and index the missing files.
A customer has corrupted indexes.  Analysis determined that on March 21st the SUBSCRIBER index was corrupted.  They had a good backup of the index directories from March 10th.
1) obtain the index/subscriber directory tree and all its contents from the March 10th backup
2) Stop Vault services
3) rename the existing index/subscriber directory to index/old.subscriber
4) copy the backed up index/subscriber directory tree and contents into the Vault index directory
5) start the Vault services
At this point, check and make sure that the indexes you restored are working properly by trying to view a file in SUBSCRIBER from before March 10th.
The next step is to manually index all the SUBSCRIBER files that were loaded between March 10th and the present.
To do this you will need to identify which jobs loaded into SUBSCRIBER between March 10th and the present.  One way to determine this might be by filename:
1) look in the vault/server/docdata directory
2) sort files there by date and determine which ones get loaded into the SUBSCRIBER database
3) make a COPY of the affected files in a different location
5) All of these files will have a .DRD file extension.  On the COPY of the files from step 3) change the file extension from .DRD to .index
6) take the .index files from step 5) and COPY them into the vault/server/process directory
7) Monitor the process log.  You will see these files get indexed one by one.
8) Once this process is complete, try to view some of these files in Vault to confirm that they are visible again.
UPDATED:  September 18, 2017