Exporting/Importing dataflows in Spectrum

One of the below options for exporting/importing the dataflows from the Spectrum server to another.
  • Copy the entire repository, ([SpectrumInstall]server/app/repository) into the new installation; doing so will also transfer users, dataflows, options, etc.  
  • Perform a batch export and then paste the dataflows in the server/app/import directory within the other Spectrum environment. Any dataflow(s) copied in the server/app/import get imported in the Spectrum. Dataflow names have to be unique regardless of directory structure.
Following commands available in (Administration Utility) can be used during export/import:
  • 'dataflow list' lists the dataflow.
  • 'dataflow export' takes export of a dataflow.
  • 'dataflow import' imports a datalfow.
  • 'folder create' creates in directory which is visible in Enterprise Designer.
For details on these commands, refer 'Administration Utility' section in the Spectrum Administration Guide.
UPDATED:  July 29, 2019