Can I create bin index fields in Portrait Miner?

Product Feature: Field Derivations
Products affected:  Portrait Miner
Bin index, or segment index, fields can be generated in the Decision Studio tool in Portrait Miner.

In the Crossdistribution Viewer, Crosstab Viewer and Map Viewer tools, you should select the Segments - Generate Fields menu option which creates a new SegmentIndex field.  The field name can be changed as required.

For example if I do this on my 'Age' field, the newly derived field SegmentIndex field is created using the field derivation language (FDL):

   segindex() by 'Age'

You can also manually derive a field in the Table Viewer using the 'segindex()' function as above.

If you use a field which has not yet been binned, the default binning for that field type will be applied.
UPDATED:  April 4, 2017