How to add a BYPEXP parameter on the IBMi platform in order to bypass the CODE-1 Plus database expiration

Platform: IBMi
Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus
In order to bypass the database expiration, you must manually add a BYPEXP parameter to a job if executing the batch driver, C1BM00.

Access the user defined work library (this is where the parameter records reside and is setup when the job was created). Use the command WRKMBRPDM to locate the library named PRMC1n, where n is the name of the job. Type a 12 in the OPT column next to the file name. The "work with members using PDM'S" screen appears.

Look for the member BMPRM. Type 2 in the OPT column to edit. There will be other parameters in this file. Please don't edit the existing parameters.

Insert a line at the bottom (type I1) and press enter. Beginning in position 1, type (all caps):


Press F3 to exit and type Y next to Change/Create member and press enter to save. This will allow you to bypass the software expiration.

UPDATED:  August 30, 2017