How to publish all the Active Content, including nested references in EngageOne

EngageOne Doc1 Designer
Product Feature: Template Management
In Doc1 versions 5.6 or later and 6.0 and later, the command-line tool "doc1pub.exe" can publish all the Active Contents for an EngageOne template automatically as a comprehensive zip file.

The command-line can be used together with an XML configuration file. The file should contain a section like this:
     <!-- OutputFile element will have no value in this case. Output file will have system generated name -->

A full example file is attached.
Edit the attached file to adjust the <OutputPath> to suit, and the <Jobname> path to point to the template which references the ACs. Note the first part of the path is the strand name (e.g. "master" if you only have one strand).

Then run the following command with the path adjusted for your Designer:
<DesignerFolder>\Client\Doc1publish.exe /C:doc1publish_ACs.xml
For Doc1 6.x see "Batch Publishing" in the "Designer Utilities" guide for details.
For Doc1 5.6 series see "Batch Publishing" in "DOC1 Programmer's Guide" for details.
UPDATED:  November 6, 2017