AnySite 9.x and a method to determine drive times/drive distances between point tables

Product Affected: AnySite™

First import the tables using the Configurator.
In this example, the Hospitals table is called US_Caps3 and the patient table is USCTY153.

After importing the geocoded tables, a "Detail" Report needs to be created,
based on the "Hospital" table (i.e. Us_Caps3).

In the Configurator, go to Reports>Detail> New and then locate the imported table at the "available report item" drop-down,
and notice the additional variables that Anysite added during import, such Drive Time distance, etc.
Here the Report is called "hospital3" and the variables come from the Hospital table (i.e. US_Caps_3):

User-added image

Select desired variables from the "hospital" table, such as a field to identify the "hospital" ("city" in this case),
as well as the desired DriveTime/DriveDistance variables.
These DriveTime/DriveDistance variables may be formatted as desired. 

Now in Anysite, create a map preference with both the "hospital" and "patient" tables.

(Hospitals are red stars and patients are red dots)

At this point, use the AnySite ruler tool to roughly find the maximum distance any patient is from any hospital.
In this example, no patient was more than 250 miles from any hospital.
That info will be used later, when creating the batch process.

Now go to File>new batch.

First load the patient table (uscty153) in the batch loader by loading the tab file for the patient table.
 (note: one can also use the batch lassoo tool to marquee select the desired patients )  
KEY POINT: At the Address dialog, make sure you select a unique field for the name field but do not set
any of the other address related drop-downs to a field from the table - leave them blank.
Otherwise the top section of the batch loader will display data with a comma and this causes problems when the batch is run.

(It's ok to have the longitude and latitude fields populated):

Here we chose "city" and then click OK:

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here's what we see - a single string with no comma's, representing the "patients"

User-added image

Now a study area needs to be created around these patients that "captures all 3 hospitals..
Previously the max straight line distance for any patient to any hospital was found and it was found that every patient
was within 250 miles of the 3 hospitals.

Click on Add, select "Rings" and create a 300 mile ring.
This means AnySite will create a 300 mile ring around every patient and all 3 hospitals will fall within that ring.
Then add an action "export report" and from the Detail Report drop-down, choose the hospital3 Detail Report created previously
and check "append reports" and choose .csv at the output format.

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Now run the batch and when done, the resultant .csv should open in Excel and show you, for every
patient, the DriveTime and DriveDistance to each of the 3 hospitals.

Here's the result (with edited field titles for clarity) 
-each patient appears 3 times - one for each hospital:          :

User-added image


UPDATED:  July 15, 2019