Running JBoss as a service after installing EngageOne Server

JBoss started using command prompt or batch script will only be accessible if the user (that started the session in which it is running) is logged on to the server machine. JBoss should be run as a Windows Service if it needs to be accessed without any user logged on to the server. 

As shown in attachment, JBoss is accessible from both users when it is running as a Windows Service. This is not possible if JBoss runs from a command prompt.

Follow the below steps to run JBoss(5.1.0 GA) as a service:
  • Take a backup of Service.bat (from JBOSS_HOME\bin) and replace it with the copy in the attachment
  • Open a command prompt as Administrator and browse to the JBOSS_HOME\bin.
  • Run service.bat with install option - service.bat install.
After this, a service with the name  'JBoss Application Server 5.1.0 GA' will be visible in the service console.
Attachment ( contains:
1) Service.bat with the changes to run JBoss as a service.
2) Screenshots for two user sessions, which shows EngageOne URL working for both users.

UPDATED:  October 10, 2019