How to tell what to do if the wrong IP\hostname is given during EngageOne Installation

This applies to all the version currently supported
In this situation one doesn’t need to uninstall EngageOne and install again.

Please open config-setting.xml (located at <<installation Path>>\PBBI CCM\EngageOne\active-drive\config\config-settings.xml ) and then replace all occurrence of wrong hostname\IP with the correct one.

Note: Take the backup of the file before doing it.

While changing this, please do not change the occurrence in the value of tag <key>jdbc.url</key> , this gives the details of database which EngageOne will use.

This must be correct as EngageOne installer doesn’t not move forward with this detail incorrect. This is not the case with the hostname text box in installer which is why there is a need of writing this article.

Note: In case you are running run.bat with -b option and using hostname\IP there, make sure you are running it with correct IP.
UPDATED:  November 6, 2017