Calling a web service from COBOL in Spectrum

Products Affected: Spectrum Technology Platform

Spectrum web services are simply SOAP or REST style requests that are delivered via HTTP. If you are writing your own custom application in another coding language, all you need to do is write your code so that it sends that request through an HTTP message. You could do this by wrapping the request in xml, or through any other means that you can write.

If you find you need need assistance with your custom code, contact your account manager and ask about our Product Services Group, which you can get a quote for assistance. Pitney Bowes Technical Support are not able to help write custom code scripts, but our documentation does show an example of a .NET class written with C# that makes a web service request. This example can be found in the Web Services Guide under the SOAP or REST heading, and then the Sample .NET Class page.

The documentation page for Spectrum 12.2 can be found at the link below. Be sure to check the documentation page for your version of Spectrum to ensure you're looking at an example that matches with your version.

SOAP example in 12.2:

REST example in 12.2:
UPDATED:  December 7, 2018