Resolve Anysite 9.x and later and CITRIX

AnySite is not tested and therefore not officially supported running on CITRIX.
If customer's wish to install anyway to that platform, are there any tips, etc.?
Citrix really just turns a server into a glorified PC that allows more than 1 user to run the applications installed on it.  
We can offer a few more suggestions:
Keeping the maps as simple as possible will make AnySite run faster.  Especially on a Citrix machine.  However, map composition usually falls into the hands of the end user and isn't really under the control of the Citrix administrators.
RAM can be an issue:
1. We typically say that you need the same amount of RAM for each user that you would provide to a desktop.  Usually 1 GIG will be better than 512 mbs.
2. We also recommend the rebooting of the servers on a regular basis to defragment the RAM of the system - especially if the Drive-Time feature is used a lot.  Some users will actually have a reboot each Sunday night.  However all users need to know about this so that if they are running any processes overnight they don't get shut down.
3. AnySite will consume as much RAM as possible to run some of its functions(like most MI products) so we have had administrators apply limits to the amount of RAM that is made available to each user.  That way we don't crush other users on the system.
4. Switching the geocoder part of AnySite from Desktop MapMarker to the Envinsa on-line Geocoder will help with Citrix deployments.  Desktop MapMarker has a large RAM footprint when it starts up due to its JAVA engine switch over to the on-line geocoder and the RAM footprint will not be as large.
Having a auto log-off, a "Time Out", setting in the Citrix setting will also help.  A typical problem is with users that close the session without actually logging off the system.  Especially with AnySite's RAM consumption, this can slow that system down a bit. 
UPDATED:  September 6, 2017