NCOA & Daily Delete Database Installation Process

VeriMove NCOA & Daily Delete Database Installation
Questions surrounding new process of downloading the NCOA & Daily Delete Databases
Here are the Database names…
  • Hash File – ncl18ankh2.tar
  • Hash File – ncl18h2.tar
  • Flat File – ncl18ankf2.tar
  • Daily Delete – dailyDelete_txt2.tar
  • Daily Delete – dailyDelete_ebc2.tar
As of July 2017 the data from the USPS is encrypted with an SAH256 encryption technology.  The '2' at the end of the file name from the USPS indicates that it is this SHA256 version of the data.

Files are downloaded as “.tar” files.  They must be un-compressed like “.zip” files using 3rd party software.
Note: Can use a freeware program called 7-zip to un-compress zipped files (databases each month).  But any un-compression application will be fine.
When un-compressing the “.tar” files, it automatically creates an “ank” folder.  Take notice where the folder resides on PC.
Please ensure you have the most recent version of the “getfileHTTPs.exe”, the most up to date file can be found in the Verimove installation directory, VeriMove/Utilities.
Edit the “explode.bat” file that is found in the VeriMove/Tables directory.
Ensure the “ank” folder location where the un-compressed “.tar” files reside, also, where you want the actual databases to be stored once the “explode.bat”/installation process is complete.  Modify the following lines…
  • -Set DVDPath = this is the location where the uncompressed “.tar” file(s) were placed on local PC
  • -Set DVDDestination = this is the new location on local PC where the database(s) will reside once installation is complete.
You can now run the explode.bat.  This utility will go to the location/folder where you directed and the installation process will begin.
UPDATED:  July 25, 2017