Is there an equivalent to the SQL 'IN' function when deriving fields in Portrait Miner?

Product Feature: Field Derivations
Products affected:  Portrait Miner
When deriving a new field in Portrait Miner, for example building a case statement to match several different Post Area values back to Regions; rather than checking each individual string value with an 'equals to' the 'strmember()' function can be used, which is similar to the SQL ‘IN’ function.

So rather than using ‘=’ to check each value:

POST_AREA = "GY" : "Channel Isles";
POST_AREA = "JE" : "Channel Isles";
POST_AREA = "CB" : "East Anglia";
POST_AREA = "CO" : "East Anglia";


The field derivation would take the format:

strmember(POST_AREA, "GY", "JE") : "Channel Isles";
strmember(POST_AREA, "CB", "CO", ...) : "East Anglia";

UPDATED:  March 24, 2017