How to report DPV False-Positive Positives after encountering the PolicyException: Feature DPV is disabled in Spectrum

Spectrum 8.3
Spectrum 9.3
Spectrum 10.1
A false positive seed record can be encountered using either Universal Addressing Module (UAM) or Enterprise Geocoding Module (EGM) with Delivery Point Validation (DPV) data provided by the USPS.

Below is an sample stack trace error seen when encountering a seed record within Spectrum:
Exception thrown by Stage:Validate Address (US) in dataflow USAddressFlow: com.g1.dcg.stage.LicenseException: com.pb.spectrum.platform.server.runtime.core.license.impl.policy.PolicyException: Feature DPV is disabled.

The Spectrum 10.1 Addressing Guide section on "What is a False-Positive?" describes what exactly the error is.

While the Spectrum 10.1 Addressing Guide section on "Reporting DPV False-Positive Violations" discusses how to process these seed record the issues.

In the event that the "Reporting DPV False-Positive Violations" is unable to resolve the seed record problem, Technical Support has access to an alternative means to process this request directly with the USPS.  However, the manual process Technical Support follows may take more time than the solution provided within the Spectrum Addressing Guide.
UPDATED:  December 10, 2019