How to create Image Hotlink in Exponare

Product Affected: Exponare ™
In Exponare, particular columns in a Data Bind can be configured to link to an external resource such as a webpage or file. Clicking on the link loads the associated URL in a new web browser window. Links of this kind can be displayed as either a hyperlink or as a thumbnail in the data-bind Information panel.

To configure a hyperlink or thumbnail link, you must set up two columns of data in your Data Bind and configure a special column node. The first column should contain the item to be displayed in the Selection Results panels. To specify a textual hyperlink, the first column should contain the text to be displayed. For a thumbnail image hyperlink, the first column should contain a URL that points to the thumbnail image to be displayed. The second column should contain the associated URL.
The URLs specified can be either absolute URLs or relative URLs. If there is a leading forward slash, then the URL is treated as relative to the Web Server root. If there is no leading forward slash, then the URL is treated as relative to the Web Application root. For example, if your machine server name is myServer and you have installed Exponare under the virtual directory Exponare, then URLs will translate as follows.
/myImages/.jpg -> http://myServer/myImages/.jpg
myImages/.jpg -> http://myServer/Exponare/myImages/.jpg

If you wish to create hyperlinks that are different for each record, you may find that using dynamic columns in your SQL Query is the best solution. A dynamic column is one that is calculated rather than read directly from an SQL Support Table. For example, if you wish to have a hyperlink for each Feature that opens an external web form for that property you have two options:

Option 1
Create an explicit column in an SQL Support Table that has the appropriate hyperlinks. For example a TAB File might contain the following data and then create a special Data Bind with active column = "URL" and display column = "link".
Option 2
Create dynamic columns by using a Data Bind SQL Query such as:
          mi_key, …,
          'http://server/page.aspx/?feature=' + ID as "URL",
          'Link to external form' as "Link"
and specify active column = URL and display column = Link.
The dynamic hyperlink may be more convenient than having to create extra columns in your TAB Files just to enable a link to an external form.
UPDATED:  July 23, 2019