How to find out why you should not direct EngageOne/DOC1 Generate output directly to EngageOne Vault

Applies to all version of Vault and EngageOne
1) On Unix, the locking of a file is different from Windows and Vault tends to read a file which is being written by another process (EngageOne\Doc1 or some other process in case of collection). This could lead to the ingestion of an incomplete\corrupt file in Vault.

2) There are a number of customers who are using Vault and EngageOne in different network so they upload Doc1gen\EngageOne output to a FTP. It is not recommended to have the Vault download folder pointing to FTP location because some FTP servers write blocks in chunks and close the file in between allowing Vault to move the partial file.

3) There could be a situation where doc1gen\EngageOne crashes while creating files and Vault ingests incompletely written file.
UPDATED:  November 13, 2017