How to get the correct logo on Portrait Explorer cards on the TableTop when logo is showing

Product Feature: Configure cards

Operating System: Windows 2008

When using Portrait Explorer 4.0, the dataset can be loaded and the cards appear, but Explorer is not showing the ‘TableTop’ card view correctly.
All the cards are shown with the logo, rather than being personalized cards.
If you open a card, all the correct graphics are shown. 

To fix the TableTop view, to show the graphics correctly, all you need to do is clear the cache. 

Right-click on your Explorer TableTop and select the 'Silverlight' option.

In the 'Microsoft Silverlight Configuration' popup, select the 'Application Storage' tab and click on the 'Delete All' button and 'OK' to close it.

Now refresh your Explorer view in the browser.
UPDATED:  May 7, 2020