Can I change the type of a derived field in Portrait Miner?

Product Feature: Field Derivations
It is not possible to change the data type of a derived field in Portrait Miner, not even to change the size of a string field.  When a new field is first derived, the appropriate amount of space is assigned to store the data within that field, this cannot be changed afterwards.

For example, if you have already derived a string field, which is a string(25) type, then modify the derivation to add more variables to a 'concat()' function (so increase the length of the string), the following error will be generated:

"The string field is too short for it's data, a NULL result has been generated"

If you are changing the derivation, which will result in a change to the data type of the field, you will have to derive a new field.

Note that Portrait Miner automatically assigns a suitable data type for derived fields, but this behavior can be overridden by clicking on the 'Edit the field derivation' button to open the Multi-Line Expression Editor. This window includes controls for manually changing the data type from 'Automatic', for example to String(40).

UPDATED:  March 28, 2017