How to find what controls the field display names in Portrait Explorer?

Product Feature: Publish Data

Customers have reported having trouble with Display Labels within Portrait Explorer (PE). 
Datasets in Spectrum Miner include Tags and display labels, and when this dataset is uploaded into PE all the tags are correctly displayed however only some of the field display labels show (otherwise the fieldname shows).


If you are using an IntegrationDomain - ie mapping Portrait Explorer data with Portrait Dialogue, then Explorer picks up the display field names from the Dialogue domain regardless of what you have in the focus. 
Only fields which exist in the focus, but not in the Dialogue domain will get their names picked up from the focus metadata.

If you are not using the IntegrationDomain, and have created your own domain, then the field name used when the dataset is first published is what gets used.

If you create a new domain and add your final dataset to that, the new display names will appear.

In current Portrait versions a "first in" approach was adopted for what field name to use, this may be changed for future releases when a "last in" approach could be used.
UPDATED:  September 1, 2017