Can I delete data from within a Portrait Miner focus?

Product Feature: Focus building

It is only possible to delete derived fields you have created in a Portrait Miner focus.  All data used to create the original focus, whether extracted from a database or joined from another focus is permanent.

In Decision Studio, you can apply a record selection, e.g. select only records which have a non-NULL value for a particular field, or select a range of values such as Age between 18 and 65 etc.

Any analysis performed will only use the data in the current record selection.

It is also possible to give fields 'tags' and only show fields with certain tags, e.g. your objective field and analysis candidates, this can make finding fields in the tool field lists easier.

Data can be exported from a focus, to create a new focus containing only a subset of fields and/or records if a permanent reduction in data is required.
UPDATED:  April 4, 2017