How to change the Job summary report to keep track of 45 days instead of 15 (default) in EngageOne Delivery Audit

By default, the Job Summary Report tracking days are set to 15. This number of days can be altered depending upon the requirement.
Following are the step to change the Job Summary Report tracking days from 15 to 45 days in EngageOne Delivery Audit
1. Stop MAIL360 Data Manager and MAIL360 Report Manager Service in Microsoft Service Console (Start | Run | services.msc)
2. Navigate to '<EODA_Install_Folder>\PitneyBowes\EngageOne\Delivery Audit\Data Manager Web Services\
3. Open 'JobSummary.rdl' in MS Visual studio or Text editor (Say Notepad++). 
4. Search for 'CommandText' in 'JobSummary.rdl'. Edit the line and replace 15 with 45 and save the file.
<CommandText>Set DATEFIRST 1;SELECT     g.delivery_date, g.system_days_since_job_mailing_date, g.mailpieces, g.cumulative_mailpieces, g.total_mailpieces, j.job_id, j.job_name, j.job_description, j.job_guid, j.job_mailing_date
FROM AS j OUTER APPLY dbo.tf_pilot_job_graph_cumulative_by_system_days_since_job_mailing_date(j.job_id, j.job_mailing_date, 45)
AS g WHERE j.job_guid = @p_job_key</CommandText>

5. After saving the file, archive the File with name
6. Start MAIL360 Data Manager and MAIL360 Report Manager Service.
7. Run the Job Summary Report from Data Manager Web (User Interface).
Contact Software Support if these steps do not work.
UPDATED:  November 21, 2017