Delivery count being larger than Expected count in Remittance Summary report in EngageOne Delivery Audit

The Remittance summary report, delivered + expected mail gives the total number of mail pieces arriving on any day. It provides the daily volume of incoming (remittance) mail to a lock box over a user specified time period.
Ideally, values for both these fields should exist only for the present day, i.e. today or the day when report is generated. Because only today, have some mailpieces already arrived, and some will be arriving later in the day. 
For dates in the past, all mailpieces should have been delivered and ideally figure under the delivered column only. The fact that it doesn’t, and there are still some mailpieces that are expected, implies that these expected mailpieces were either.
  • Never delivered 
  • Delivered on a later date.
The Remittance Summary report intends to work for future forecasting of the mail pieces that may arrive at a ZIP on a particular date. However, the SQL job associated with this report runs daily and it works on partition data and also delete some of the data. 

For detailed information about the Remittance Summary Report, refer section 'Remittance Summary Report' in EngageOne Delivery Audit User guide.
UPDATED:  September 21, 2017