How to avoid error of generate XSD schema file in Sagent

Product Feature: XML Schema
Sagent Server & Client on different machine. 
  1. Create a sample plan Time Generation--> Delimited Text Sink. Select the schema generation option in Delimited Text Sink.
  2. Then used the above schema file in next plan containing Delimited Text Source in the client machine after Copied the schema on the client side.
  3. When you try to load the schema file, you will receive the error.
  4. Error in generate XSD schema file
Possible workaround:
  1. Change the schema file path to point to client side. This require lot of manual effort as the user has large number of XML schema files.
  2. Plan gets completed even if don't have the schema as on DFS server we have the schema file. But the user will not able to generate the schema which is required for plan designing.
  3. Creating a dummy folder structure similar to server and place the xsd file in that. But the user scenario is that Sagent Server is installed on E:\ drive and their client machine don't have the E:\ drive and it is not possible to add the drive.

UPDATED:  December 4, 2017