Rollup Type of Analysis Sink is not displayed correctly in Sagent Data Flow

Product Feature: Analysis Sink
  1. Create a simple Time Gen plan and execute.
  2. Right click on the first column from the result and select Value display option. 
  3. Click 1st column from Measure.
  4. Click Surface Sum from Rollup Type. The types listed are only six. 
  5. Click 3rd column from Measure.
  6. Click Surface Sum from Rollup Type. All of the types are displayed.

 The user may want to use Average, Count, Maximum and Minimum, so how we can have all the types.
This depends on Aggregate Functions. If Aggregate Functions is defined for the field which is under measures other than SUM, then all options in the drop down are visible else only six will be displayed.  

1. All aggregate functions are ‘SUM’
User-added image 
2. Value display options are only 6. 
User-added image 

3. Now, change Aggregate function as shown in figure:
 User-added image

4. All Value display options are shown.
User-added image
 This is as per design as ‘Average’ & ‘Count’ function can be used only when Aggregate functions are defined.

UPDATED:  September 5, 2017