How to Enable Performance Monitor Counters in 64-bit Sagent Dataflow

Product Feature: DataFlow Server

Operating System: Windows 2008 64bit

Utilize the below steps to register Sagent performance counters for 64 bit DataFlow (DFS) on 64 bit Windows Operating Systems:
1. Add the following registry keys:
2. In a command prompt, execute the following command: (to bring up a command prompt within Windows, please select the Start menu, choose Run.  In the following window, type "cmd" and hit Enter)
    lodctr PERFMON.INI 
    This will create the required registry entries for Sagent Performance Counters
3. Add the following DWORD entry to the registry on the server machine.
    Name: Configuration Flags
    Type: DWORD
    Path: HLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Perflib
    Value: 65536
4. In a command prompt, execute the following command to register the DLL and link it with the the registry entries created above:
    regsvr32 SaPerfData.dll (This regsvr32.exe should be from the location "C:\Windows\System32" as this is 64 bit DFS).
5. Delete the registry entry "Configuration Flags" created in Step 3.
6. Restart the Data Flow server
7. Use perfmon.exe from the location "C:\Windows\System32" for 64 bit DFS
8. Performance Counters will now run successfully
To remove the Sagent performance counters; in a command prompt, execute the following command:
unlodctr Sagent
NOTE: Create a plan which takes 40 seconds or longer to execute in order to observe the results of the performance counters.
UPDATED:  July 27, 2017