How to apply Oracle 12c patches to connect Sagent repository

Database:Oracle 12c

Steps to apply patch on Oracle 12c client:
1. Set Oracle home from command prompt
set ORACLE_HOME=c:\app\client\product\12.1.0\client_1
2. From the command prompt, Go to the path where patch set is present.
For example:  D:\Oracle12cPatch\p18724015_121010_WINNT\18724015
3. D:\Oracle12cPatch\p18724015_121010_WINNT\18724015>%ORACLE_HOME%\OPATCH\opatch apply
4. D:\Oracle12cPatch\p18724015_121010_WINNT\18724015>%ORACLE_HOME%\OPATCH\opatch lsinventory
The same procedure can be followed while applying Oracle 12c patch (64-bit). Provide the path where oracle 12c client (64-bit) is residing and patch set is available.
Refer attached document for more details.
UPDATED:  April 21, 2017