How to select data that falls within a given region or boundary using the Boundary Selection tool in MapInfo Pro

Product affected: MapInfo Pro™

The Boundary Selection tool can select objects that fall with a given region or boundary.

For example, a map contains two layers.  One table contains regions or boundary objects, called "Boundary" for this example, and another contains Point or symbol objects, called "Points".

Temporarily move the Boundary layer on top of the Points layer in the Explorer window making sure the icon for Selectable is on for both layers.
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Click the Arrow on the Map>Select button and select the Boundary Selection tool.
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Bring the cursor on to the map and click inside the region that will be used to select the point objects that are within that region.
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The point objects that fall within the region will highlight and the Point table name in Explorer window will also show as "bold" indicating that layer's objects are being selected.

To add additional selections from other regions, hold the Shift key down and click in another region.  Points contained in multiple regions can be easily selected in that manner or deselected as well.

Take note that creating a query using one of the selection tools will Not save in a workspace.  Only queries generated from the Sql Select or Select dialog will save in workspaces.

To Permanently save a copy of the objects selected, go to the Table tab>new browser>selection or if "selection" is not seen, then a Query# will be presented.

Once the new browser is displayed, go to Home>save>save COPY as...Select the query# that matches the browser that was displayed.  Name the new table with something other than "query" and save to a folder.  That new named table can then be opened and will display only the objects chosen by the boundary selection tool.

If there are multiple layers under the Boundary layer, objects will be selected from the first layer where the Selectable icon is set to "On".  For example, if the desired layer for the selection is the third layer in the list, make sure the Selectable icon is set to "Off" for the second layer.
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UPDATED:  December 2, 2019