How to install or upgrading the License Manager on the server for Discover

product affected: Discover™
To install or upgrade the License Manager, you need to perform the following steps in order (note when upgrading, all settings and licenses will be preserved).
1. Download the latest version of the License Manager (version 8.71 or above)
2. Log into your server with Administrator privileges.
3. Run the Encom_License_Manager_Setup_8.71.exe downloaded in Step 1.
4. Choose the Network License Server option as the installation type and continue through the installation process.
5. Start the License Manager application (CLSECURE32.exe) by selecting Start>All Programs>Encom Programs>Encom Licensing. Alternatively, double click on the C:\Program Files\Encom\CLSECURE32.exe file from within Windows Explorer.
6. If it is a new installation, you will be prompted to enter your company name
7. When the License Manager (CLSECURE32.exe) opens, click on the Activate Software tab and note down the Hardware ID number. Email and request an activation code by providing this number and the serial number(s) of the application to be managed by the server.
8. When you receive the activation code, start the License Manager (CLSECURE32.exe) by selecting Start>All Programs>Encom Programs>Encom Licensing. Click on the Activate Software tab and enter the code in the Activation code entry box. (Using copy and paste is recommended.) Click the Activate button to activate the software.
9. Once the license has been activated, please restart the EncomLM service running on the server. Open the Computer Management service console and select Services in the Services and Applications group. Click on Extended services tab and scroll down the list until you find the EncomLM service (Encom License Manager service). Right click on this and select Restart. This will update the server installation with the new information from the activation code.
Note: the default Port used by the EncomLM service is 6150. If this port is already in use in your organisation or is blocked by a firewall, you will need to select another port for the License Manager to communicate on or open the port on the firewall.
10. You can check the license details via the License Manager. Start CLSECURE32.exe by selecting Start>All Programs>Encom Programs>Encom Licensing and click on the Current Installation tab. The License Manager is now configured and operational. Refer to the Admin Console section for information on how to configure the individual licenses managed by the server.
UPDATED:  September 7, 2017