How to determine Business Points Canada and various methodology questions

Product affected: Business Points Data™
Some general methods for gathering or confirming Business Points data for Canada.

1.             Who is contacted at each company?
We speak with the main contact at the company.
 2.             What is the response rate?
We generally contact 45% of those that we call or  approximately 19 million companies (based upon last year).
 3.             Is the data extrapolated in the case of non-response?
Certain data elements which cannot be obtained during the call - but can be modeled or derived – are.  In many cases, the data attributes already present on the record which did not get verified remain unchanged on the record.
 4.             How “stale” might the data be?
Depends upon the data element(s) in question.  The core record is called regularly and may be updated through other means throughout the year.  Our target is to keep refresh dates under 6 months.
 5.             Many government offices (NAICS 92) have no observed employees. Why is this and is there any way to work around that?
We show all but two records with an employee count present within this industry range.
UPDATED:  September 7, 2017