Generating Section 58 Restriction Notices in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®
Product feature: Street Works
To generate Street Works Section 58 Restriction Notices in Confirm® to send out the relevant notifications to the Works promoters, without causing a negative effect to the monthly NSG upload (as Geoplace do not accept this restriction type) follow these steps:

1. Take any Site which does not have section 58 restrictions as an example. 
2. Click on the Other button and select Designations
3. Now select Section 58 Restrictions and save. This will enable the Send To button and generate a Works Reference. This is not same as the Street Works Reference. 
4. Click on the Send To button and the Batch Recipients window will open. Add the Organisation(s) then save
5. When the Street Works Agent runs it will create an XML file in the form of a Notice and update the respective Site of the Authority or Utility with the Section 58 restrictions through the web service defined in the Organisation(s) from Step 4.

In the Batch Recipients window, when the Processed Date is updated, then the Restrictions are updated for the Utility or Authority. Also it generates the Notification in parallel. 
UPDATED:  September 24, 2019