How to set up the Spectrum/Portrait Miner client to run with different port numbers for different users

Product Feature: Installation

Operating System: Windows


The Portrait Miner server distinguishes between requests from different clients (and identifies successive requests from each client) using the clients’ IP addresses and port numbers.  For a normal desktop client installation, the client’s IP address is sufficient to identify that client uniquely in its interactions with the server.  On a MetaFrame server, to enable each ICA client user to have their own client session, you need to assign a different port number to each user (or at least to those users who will use the Miner system).

For each ICA client user, create a folder <username>@<domain> in the <pmhome>\shared\users folder in the Portrait Miner client installation directory on the MetaFrame server. Within that folder create a text file javastartup.xml with the following contents (where <port number> is a unique port number for the user):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Ensure that the file is readable by the relevant user on the MetaFrame server.

For example, suppose John and Mary have accounts on the MetaFrame server in the CITRIX domain. Create folders John@CITRIX and Mary@CITRIX in the shared\users folder. In these folders, create files called javastartup.xml as above, but with fourth lines:



If both John and Mary now log in to the MetaFrame server and from there log in to the Portrait Miner server (which is listening on port 3001), the Portrait Miner server
can distinguish John’s session from Mary’s session using the different ports (2104 and 2105) that their client requests come from.

Note that if the javastartup.xml file contains badly formatted xml or is not encoded correctly the Portrait Miner will fail to start and a Launcher-fatal-error log file will be created showing the error:

Process configuration error: The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup.

A valid javastartup.xml file is attached, change the port number as required.


UPDATED:  July 28, 2017