Resolve quick tips for working with .kmz files, creating points, custom tools, projections and tile servers within MapInfo Pro

Product affected: MapInfo Pro™
1. KMZ file to Tab file conversion and vice versa

MapInfo Pro can open KMZ file in MapInfo by going to File>Open universal data. After opening the KMZ file it can be saved  in .tab format.
The reverse can be done using the “Google earth utility"  tool in MapInfo Pro.

2. Customized tools 
Creating custom tools can be done in MapInfo using Mapbasic software which can be download from our website.  
MapBasic User Guide, MapBasic Reference, MapBasic Help

3. Area/Length calculation

The length in MapInfo by using ‘Ruler’ tool in MapInfo. 
Area calculations can be found using Query>sql select and Update Column using the Area() function.

4.Latlong Exporter : csv (Point creator).

MapInfo can create points using latitude and longitude (x/y) values in a MapInfo .tab file or .csv, or xlsx.
Open a table with x/y columns and use Table>create points to create symbols from the x/y coordinates.
Then select Map>Map and select the table to see the points created

5. Latest Projection Files 

MapInfo Pro has its own projection file list (mapinfow.prj) and custom projections can be added.  Reference the Help file for more detailed instructions.

6. Overlay images on MapInfo tables

Bing Maps are integrated with MapInfo. Go to Home>open>click on the bottom arrow of the icon>Select from the options under Base Maps.
UPDATED:  December 6, 2019