How to increase the number of categories in Spectrum/Portrait Miner

Product Feature: Binning Editor
By default Portrait Miner will create 250 categories for the most populous values in the field. The other smaller 'bins' get grouped together as a single Unclassified category.

If you have imported a categorical hierarchy, then any unknown values in your dataset (i.e values that do not exist in the original categorical hierarchy), will go into the Unclassified category even if they form a large 'bin'.

You can increase the number of categories created, either permanently for your user by setting the [Categorical Binning]default number of bins preference (Edit - Preferences in the Portrait Miner explorer);
or during your Decision Studio session from the Binning-Default Parameters... menu option in the Binning Editor.

Categorical Default Parameters
UPDATED:  August 1, 2017