How to understand the 'Send Now' functionality in ConfirmConnect verion 1.2.1

Products affected: Confirm® v12.1.1, ConfirmConnect™ v1.21
Product feature: ConfirmConnect - Jobs
If you are using Confirm® version 12.1.1 in conjunction with ConfirmConnect™ version 1.21, you register a general Defect using ConfirmConnect and use the Send now option, Confirm will subsequently create an Adhoc Inspection Batch for each registered Defect, as well as a Building Defect Inspection batch. The Adhoc Inspection batch will contain the Defect details and the Building Defect batch will not contain any Defect details.

This functionality is specified in the release notes as follows:

"Added the ability to send emergency Defects on Route, Asset and Condition Surveys via a Send Now button on the Defect screen.

Note: Each Defect raised in this way will raise a separate Inspection Batch."

When using Confirm version 14 the Send now functionality is updated and the button will create the Defect on the Asset/Condition Survey’s Inspection Route and the Conditions will be included on the same Inspection Batch as the emergency Defect, when the Survey is completed. Here an Adhoc batch will not be created (when using Confirm version 14).
UPDATED:  November 16, 2017